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Building the confidence to overcome our biggest limiting factor: doubt.

Bob Babinski with Margaret Atwood


Bob Babinski is one of Canada’s most experienced elite performance coaches, having trained hundreds of media presenters and corporate executives to be comfortable in front of a microphone and under pressure.





Working in small groups, or one-on-one, the program helps performers achieve maximum comfort in the live setting.



Tailored for senior executives and management, this training helps with all facets of communicating including but not limited to media presentations, interviews, speaking to camera, presenting to conferences, presenting to executive meetings.



One of my specialties is working with elite athletes who transition to the broadcast booth. Some, like World Champion diver Alex Despatie have become full-time broadcast hosts. Others like Olympic gold medalist Donovan Bailey have become analyst-commentators. My program with them is designed to make them as comfortable in front of the mic as they are in the starting blocks. It begins with strategies to manage their thoughts and then to control their delivery.


Bob Babinski has worked with over 500 broadcasters


"Working with Bob was an immensely positive experience.  He helped me to refine and upgrade my communications skills, including how to approach media interviews.  He taught me techniques to better focus my thoughts and messaging.  He gave me tips on how to deal with the anxiety of speaking in public or to media.  The sessions were always well structured and he pushed me just enough to get outside of my comfort zone to change previous patterns and achieve better outcomes.  He was genuinely committed to my success and provided support between sessions when needed.  A lot of the work we did together went beyond communications—to building confidence overall, which is so critical to professional and personal success."

Inez Jabalpurwala

President and CEO, Brain Canada Foundation and NeuroScience Canada Partnership


"The performance training with Bob was a tremendous help during my preparation for the CBC coverage of the Sochi Olympics. Bob was able to deliver specific areas of focus for both my strengths and my areas of improvement. His professional nature and positive demeanor really helped build my confidence.  The education and perspective from Bob helped me perform the way that I wanted to during one of the world’s biggest sporting events."

Jennifer Botterill

Three-Time Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist, Harvard Grad, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Director of @JourneytoExcel


“We all have issues hearing our own voices. Bob Babinski has a keen eye and ear for effective communication. Regardless if you are just starting out or have been on the mic or podium for years, his insight is honest and constructive.  Bob certainly helped develop a new dimension in my storytelling.”

Cameron MacIntosh

National Reporter for CBC News.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh

Sat on the Rocks


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