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"I've been working with Bob as my (broadcast) coach since 2015. It was apparent from the start that he took the time to review my work before we began. He customized lessons based on me as an individual and did not take a one size fits all approach. 


I saw our sessions evolve as I grew as a young broadcaster. This kept me challenged and eliminated any sense of complacency. Bob helped me refine and magnify my on air strengths, and taught me to not dwell on mistakes or aspects of my work I didn't like. Removing that as a distraction helped me to always see the purpose and joy in my role, even on long hard days.


I saw myself evolve into a more confident and capable broadcaster because of the knowledge and experience he's shared with me. Years later and all the more seasoned; I still look forward to our next teaching session together."

Perdita Felicien

Television Host & International Sports Broadcaster, World Champion | Olympian | Track & Field, Athletics Canada Hall of Fame Inductee


"Bob has helped me develop as a broadcaster more than anyone I've worked with in my 32 years in broadcasting.  Whether it's for radio or TV on air presentations Bob's  "way" is so effective. His coaching style is amazing: easy to follow and he's in your corner.  He has helped me raise my game.I would highly recommend him.    

Bob also gives the impression he gives a shit about you.  That's what I like the most."

Cecil Haire

Reporter for CBC News

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"The performance training with Bob was a tremendous help during my

preparation for the CBC coverage of the Sochi Olympics. Bob was able to deliver specific areas of focus for both my strengths and my areas of improvement. His professional nature and positive demeanor really helped build my confidence.  The education and perspective from Bob helped me perform the way that I wanted to during one of the world’s biggest sporting events."

Jennifer Botterill

Three-Time Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist, Harvard Grad, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Director of @JourneytoExcel

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"We all have issues hearing our own voices.  Bob Babinski has a keen

eye and ear for effective communication.  Regardless if you are just

starting out or have been on the mic or podium for years, his insight is

honest and constructive.  Bob certainly helped develop a new dimension in

my storytelling."

Cameron MacIntosh

National Reporter for CBC News

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"Working with Bob was an immensely positive experience.  He helped me to refine and upgrade my communications skills, including how to approach media interviews.  He taught me techniques to better focus my thoughts and messaging.  He gave me tips on how to deal with the anxiety of speaking in public or to media.  The sessions were always well structured and he pushed me just enough to get outside of my comfort zone to change previous patterns and achieve better outcomes.  He was genuinely committed to my success and provided support between sessions when needed.  A lot of the work we did together went beyond communications—to building confidence overall, which is so critical to professional and personal success."

Inez Jabalpurwala

President and CEO, Brain Canada Foundation and NeuroScience Canada Partnership

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"As an executive charged with conveying timely and impactful information about the future of trends or operations, finding effective ways to harness attention was critical for the success of the organizations I represented.  Bob Babinski’s individualized coaching on delivering an effective performance that captures the attention and consideration of the people I wanted to influence was critical in achieving the results.  Babinski’s Reflex allowed me to understand my audience and my message.  Building on the success that I experienced, I invited Bob to meet with a number of my key staff to provide them with similar training.  We were all better for it!"

Paul De Civita

Director General within the federal public service

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